Ways through which you can improve the click through rate

There are many reasons why you should care about the click-through-rate. While the CTR depends on the ranking position, it is influenced by numerous factors. So, let’s check out how you can improve the click-through-rate.

1. Try to use long-tail keywords – When you’re concerned about the CTR, you can use the long-tail keywords in title tags and the headings. While these are quite descriptive, they can match the entire content to the search intent.

2. Write awesome meta descriptions – Writing meta descriptions is another way to enhance the CTR. While the description conveys the visitors what the page is all about, it entices them to click on the link.

3. Present the content in form of listicles – When you list things, it takes little effort for the individuals to digest the information. The listicles will also enhance the chances of the content to appear in featured snippets.

4. Carry out A/B test for headlines – As soon as you write the headline, you need to optimize it through a headline analyser. Moreover, to test the headline, you can share the article on social media. After a few days, change the headline and re-post the article on social media. Then you can compare the engagement rates and check out which is the best headline.

5. Think about localizing the content – While people use mobile phones often than desktops, SMEs must remember to localize content. With such kind of content, you will be in a better position to target the audience in the best way. To present the business on the map, you can also consider listing the business.

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