Trends for 2021

Wonder what 2021 is going to be like?

Trends for 2021
Trends for 2021 - Digital to take over

Here are the new trends that you will see

1. Work from home - it's going to continue! And going to be normal for a few industries, it has proved to be a productivity booster both for employees and employers

2. Online Education - Yes, from toddlers to University level, it is one thing that will grow and will be an enabler for knowledge transfer without it being expensive

3. Digital currency - Aren't we all using some sort of wallet already. Yes now money will be digital and don't be surprised if the Bitcoin becomes a standard

4. Digital health passport - Yes, that's the one you would need to be easily in and out if you are a globe trotter. Airlines are issuing it

5. Digital business - You've already seen it with goods now it will be services, so invest in yourself and make your brand as good as you are to be hired in the gig economy.

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