Things to think of when creating a thumbnail for YouTube and other video sharing mediums

If you have been updating your YouTube channel with many videos, then the thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see. But, if you can want to grab the attention in just a few seconds, then you must create a totally different thumbnail. So, here are some tips to consider while designing a thumbnail.

1. Think from the viewer’s perspective – With a prime focus on the target audience, it’s always better to create a custom thumbnail through different sites. If you lack graphic designing skills, then you can transform a template from Canva.

2. Include text for context – As soon as you create a thumbnail, you must always remember to include text. This will not only give context but also make the viewers aware about what they are going to expect ahead.

3. Try to include humans in the image – This is really a great tips for those active on YouTube and for many video hosting websites. When the visitors see a human in front of the screen blended with the other visual elements, there’s always a likelihood to check out the video.

4. Try different layouts – With the help of different tools like Photoshop and Adobe, you can always create something unique and pleasing to the eyes. Later, you can try out the layouts and observe which thumbnail gets clicked most often.

5. Be sure about the thumbnail size – When you are serious about increasing the subscriber base of the YouTube channel, you must come up with thumbnail designs that adapt to a small screen size. Eventually, the design must look good across touchscreens of mobile phones.

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