The unicorns are coming and they are bringing in a new wave of boom

With the dawn of online marketplaces becoming more prominent due to access to digital medium, you can see a rising trend in people purchasing online and further more they want to make sure that they are getting the value worth their money

This is where the rise of Direct to consumer brands comes into picture, as they promise value for money, quality and availability. The implementation of faster logistics and assurances in place make it desirable choice and the pandemic has only allowed it to gain market share.

What this means is it is a win win for both the parties except for the big cut making stockists and retailers, also translating to comparatively cheaper prices for consumer and healthier bottom lines for the brand

The corporation in turn needs to make sure they build a brand and ensure the touch points for the brand provide an excellent consumer experience in all the three phases of sale and keep improving

We help D2C succeed in their efforts

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