Techniques to help you drive leads through email marketing.

When you’re looking forward to generate leads, you can dive deep into email marketing. With the best practices and the right strategies in place, lead generation can just get better day after day. So, let’s check out some techniques that can help drive a stream of leads to your business.

1. Consider lead scoring – Think about integrating lead scoring with email automation. For instance, if someone has come across your product on the website, then you can convert him into a customer by offering 25% discount on that product.

2. Design visually appealing templates – As you design an email, you should always be clear and concise. Use plain text, simple template, and never make the email flashy.

3. Create content with a twist – Ditch the idea of long form content. Instead, be crisp and add images to capture the attention of the readers.

4. Make the subject line catchy – Many people just skim through the subject lines especially when mail box gets flooded with an ever ending stream of emails. So, keep the subject line catchy and short at the same time. The subject line must kindle curiosity at the first glance.

5. Include a strong call to action (CTA) – If you want the readers to take suitable action, then you can’t do away with a CTA. In that case, a creative bent of mind can work to incorporate a strong CTA.

Finally, it’s important to create mobile-friendly emails when everyone in the present era are swiping their smartphones just to check the mail box.

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