Remarketing strategies to consider for Facebook

In today’s era, many organizations are seeking ways to engage their prospective customers through remarketing. So, here are a few ways in which you can use Facebook ads to do this. The best part of Facebook remarketing is that it’s quite versatile.

1. Create remarketing lists for those who visited pages – If the target audience is quite big, then it’s better to create audiences depending on the visits to certain pages. But, such visits should indicate the intent. It could be signing up for a free trial or requesting for a demo, but they didn’t move ahead with the request.

2. Think about remarketing conversion events – If you’re unable to build an audience as per what you have in mind, then consider building the audience off the events from conversion tracking. This will be helpful to target the audience so that you can lead them through the funnel.

3. Try remarketing offline activities – When you use Facebook to promote your business or brand, you can easily remarket offline activities. This can be accomplished by segmenting the data and while keeping a track of the offline events.

4. Think about remarketing the engagement on the social media platform – In case a set of individuals have engaged with your brand on Facebook, then think about creating an audience from the online engagement. Besides, you can also think about creating an audience off certain videos.

5. Create audience depending on the app user base – In case you have an app, then you can think about creating an audience based on the ones who have recently opened the app. Moreover, you can also think about targeting app events. But, in that case, the app must keep a track of the events so that you can create a custom audience accordingly.

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