Questioning - a lost art

If you look at the Google trends on questioning comprising of who, what, why when and how, all of them have seen a plunge of roughly 50% and it is safe to assume that people just believe what is served to them on broadcast mediums

That is what led to rise in fake news and major media outlets fail to spot fake item from real one due to immense competition to push the content out rather than verifying

Just today a big Indian conglomerate went down in value by almost $11bn, with some relief coming after one of the company from the group justifying the truth from the fake but damage control is always too late and people are emotional and driven by sensationalism

One thing we need to revive is the old art of questioning to enable people to grow, learn more and question more.

A learned person always feels that there is a lot more to know and a fool always thinks he knows it all

Don't be the latter, question more

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