Proven strategies to improve bottom line and retain customers for your online store

Do you want can enhance business growth for your company? Well, the answer is ‘HAPPY CUSTOMERS’. But, if your existing customers forget about you and your services, then you have to go through a lot to attract new customers. So, let’s check out some strategies through which you can retain the existing customers.

1. Bring customer loyalty program into the game – When you are primarily concerned about converting new customers into repeat ones, you can run customer loyalty programs. Apart from giving them coupons, you can offer new products at the best price. In this way, you will be rewarding the customers for their loyalty.

2. Send emails for birthdays with incentives – Everyone in this world feels delighted when they receive a big surprise on his or her birthday. Hence, if you’re managing an online store, it’s your duty to make the customer feel special. At those moments, you can send them a personalized email with a special gift, a coupon code or some perks. However, do ensure that you send the email well in advance.

3. Engage customers across every digital channel – In the digital world, you can’t really afford to lose momentum. Hence, when many customers are using more than one single device, you have to provide an omni-channel experience. As you build a strategy, you will be able to deliver an incredible experience. Eventually, serving them well will matter most so that they can take care of your business.

4. Send small notes to make them smile – ‘Thank You’ are the two small words that conveys a lot about how much you care. So, when you add a personal touch and express gratitude, you can simply send across a ‘Thank You’ note in your own handwriting. A step ahead, you can also send a small gift along with the handwritten note.

5. Organize meetups and offline events – Meetups are a great way to stay connected with loyal customers on a personal level. You will also be able to attract the attention of prospects to your business. But, if you host in-person meetups, then they can create a relationship to a deeper level.

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