Manage your online reputation with ease.

When you’re running a business, it’s extremely beneficial about keeping an eye on what people are saying about your brand. So, here are some tools that can actually help you manage online reputation.

1. Google Alerts – As you use this tool, you have to type your company’s name in the search bar. Later, you can go through the email notifications of your mentions depending on the preferences. It could be for once every week or at least once during the day.

2. Social Mention – If you’re serious about improving the brand’s reputation, then social mention can be helpful. Apart from helping you measure strength, the tool helps you know about sentiments and the people that write about your brand.

3. SEMrush – There are many things that this tool allows you to do so. While you can gauge the estimated reach, you can also think about finding industry influencers and analyse the resource authority.

4. SentiOne – As the name implies, this tool enables you to know more about what customers are speaking about your brand. You can track social profiles in addition to mentions and many keywords.

5. Reputation Health – If you’re a doctor or you’re proud to offer online marketing services, then reputation health can not only gather online mentions but also reviews regarding the practice.

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