How to improve user experience for your blog?

When you are able to weave words with great panache and present an interesting post, you must check whether the readers can go through the post smoothly. So, here are some practices you must follow to improve the UX of your blog post.

1. Improve the look of the home page of your blog – As you want to direct the visitors to the blog post, you must design the blog’s homepage in a different manner. Apart from presenting a suitable image, you must create an excerpt that clearly summarizes the content of the blog.

2. Think about a separate navigation bar – When you think about an exclusive navigation bar, the visitor will be under the impression that they are going through an entirely different section. However, do ensure to keep the navigation bar right at the top as the readers scroll through the web page.

3. Set the web page for a small visual span – If you want to minimize the eye movement of the readers, then you must keep the visual span between 650 and 750 px. While this tip will enable the readers to read the content with less eyeball movement, it will also help to increase the average dwell time for every visitor.

4. Keep the paragraphs crisp and short – It’s quite time consuming for the reader to go through a blog especially when it has lengthy paragraphs. Hence, when you have to present a lot of information across different sections or sub headings, then the paragraph should at least have three to four lines.

5. Don’t let the interest fade away – If you want to engage readers right till the end of the blog, then you must maintain a balance between visuals and content. Furthermore, you can keep the readers engaged by posting screenshots, memes, Gifs, videos or graphs. However, never try to include all the visuals at once otherwise it can affect the loading speed of the web page to some extent.

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