How to effectively use reels and short form video for your online business

Are you still wondering on how you can market your online store through Instagram reels? Well, let’s dive into what you can do to promote a range of products.

1. Think about product How Tos – Even when customers are using a product often, you can show how individuals can use the product in different ways. This, in turn, helps to visualize the product from different angles.

2. Give tips for improvement – Rather than just focusing on products, you can think about using reels to give an idea about how individuals can improve their lifestyle. For instance, if you’re managing a business related to furniture, then you can show how you can complement style and your home décor ideas.

3. Feature ‘Behind the Scenes’ – Behind the scenes reels can help to enhance brand loyalty. While you create such reels, you can show how you came up with different designs and what inspired to pace ahead.

4. Kindle curiosity through teasers – Before a product launch, you can bring in the curiosity through a teaser. You can also ask your viewers to think about the new launch.

5. Show solutions to problems – Apart from usual reels, you can also develop lighthearted content. Moreover, you can show how the brand is making life better and solving certain pain points.

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