Happy Dhanteras: be wise financially to be wealthy.

While you celebrate Dhanteras ostentatiously, you might be thinking about how you can manage finances in the near future. So, here are some tips that can enable you to manage money wisely.

1. Set a budget – Setting aside a budget is the foremost step when it comes to money management. Hence, when you make a budget, you can set a limit on how much you can afford to spend monthly. With better control on your spending habits, you will understand when you mustn’t splurge and not to spend frivolously.

2. Save more, spend later – As soon as your salary gets credited every month, you must save some money. Later, you can think about spending on the essentials starting with what you need to the loan repayments (if any). In this way, you will be prepared ahead of time when an emergency strikes.

3. Set financial goals – With a financial goal in mind, you can always maintain focus and avoid spending more than usual. Hence, when you plan, you can invest the money that can give you long term returns. Eventually, you will really feel relaxed when you want your child wants to move with higher studies, or you plan to buy a big and spacious house. Besides, you don’t have to worry about anything when you will retire later in life.

4. Try not to take loans – If you’re going to take a loan for those big dreams, then try to hold yourself back. On the contrary, paying off the loan will mean to make repayments at a higher interest rate. This will eventually eat up your savings and you will have to move around with financial burden.

5. Ensure security in case of emergency – In a busy life, you will never know when an emergency will come your way. So, when you are preparing yourself financially, you can secure yourself with an insurance plan which assures you with ample money in the long run.

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