Gamify your online store with ease.

In the modern world, it’s extremely challenging to boost engagement especially when you’re managing an online store or an online business. So, here are some ways through which you can gamify the online business.

1. Incorporate product quizzes – While quizzes can be a great way to create product awareness, it can also increase online engagement. On the other hand, you can turn them into a sales rep and offer visitors a questionnaire that can enable visitors to give suggestions for products.

2. Run loyalty programs – Everybody looks for some perks when they make a purchase online. So, once a customer buys something through the online store, they can earn back a certain percentage. Later, they can use the earnings to buy something in addition within a time span.

3. Think about ‘Spin the Wheel’ – Spin the wheel can go a long way to increase engagement especially when the holiday season is in full swing. Hence, when the visitor spins a virtual wheel, he can earn rewards and get them in their inbox. You will later also find a great way to build an email list for upcoming newsletters.

4. Conduct referral programs – By turning referral programs into games, you can keep the customers happy. You can later offer a reward of a certain amount or a discount for every referral.

5. Enhance the experience with AR try-ons – AR has gained popularity in the E-Commerce industry. So, if someone is keen to try a product before the purchase, give them an option to try it virtually. For instance, let the person check out how he looks when he wears eyeglasses before he adds it to the shopping cart.

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