Every setback has one answer - a bigger, stronger, better comeback

India is going through a tough time but this won't last forever - comeback will be bigger, better and faster than the setback

Fortunately, setbacks teaches us valuable lessons, which if implemented can change the dynamics right from the roots. Some lessons we are learning:

- Let go off casual attitude towards health, never forget if health is in order you can enjoy the wealth

- We need to overhaul on our medical infrastructure, including supply chains

- Remember who are the blockers and helpers internationally and work strategically with real allies

- Be responsible citizens to have a responsive and responsible government

- Keep vigil of your local healthcare facilities, disaster management leadership and practices

- Seek information and from governing bodies for the spend of allocated funds, with keeping in mind it is your money entrusted to them

- Build up local cells to address basic emergencies with help of medical professionals

- Volunteer, and help people who are helpless due to finances, work and health issues

- Don't fear the vaccine (jab), Israel proved it on ground 80% of population vaccinated = no more masks

- Be positive and avoid too much of sensationalised media circus, it can harm you mentally

- Always keep in mind India is topmost medical supplier to the world and we have the best facilities and brains to keep us going towards better

- Politics and politicians are for policy making, don't let any side mislead you to a false narrative, make sure they do their job well as they are for service to us and not the other way around

- Stay safe and keep others safe - it's a flu not a cancer

Condolences to all the people who have lost their loved ones due to the virus

Our only way forward is a bigger, better and faster comeback. We will win against this common enemy

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