Childhood, memories and now

We have such beautiful memories from when we were young. Happy with small and simple things and the time flew for us, like it has and it will.

The memories that brings that smile even today are

The bike rides on BMX or Moongoose in local vicinity and racing with friend, sometimes overloading it 2 of your friends and still trying to speed it.

Now all of the friends have got cars and so much more but we barely get to see each other, let alone the smiles and races but whenver we meet the memories do the speaking and we all go back to the time when simple things brought us joy.

The moments when we would have popsicles in scorching summer heat on the weekends with the saved pocked money are more valuable as the feeling of being ecstatic was inseparable

Now the three and the five stars don't excite much as the simple old popsicle did as the moments with friends are no more

Surely you miss your nostalgic memories, that make you smile. Don't let the simplicity fade away and the child inside you get bored with the adult life.

Enjoy the moments, be happy and live carefree like your inner child would !

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